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Published on September 30, 2021

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READ the FREE INFOGRAPHIC ➜ is pleased to present a new free InfoGraphic teaching you how to avoid & detect for fake counterfeit Gold & Silver bullion products.

In recent years, the production of fake silver and gold bullion products has been on the rise.

At… we want to educate the silver and gold buying community on how to avoid and detect fake bullion products.

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There are two main types of fake bullion products threatening the market today.

Plated counterfeits are more common place… while hallowed out bars have been sold as recent as 2012 in New York’s famous diamond district.


We’re going to show you some at home tests you can run to ensure your bullion is real.


The Magnet Test

Silver and Gold bullion are diamagnetic, meaning that a strong magnet will not stick to them but you will see some resistance when a strong magnet slides across the surface of silver or gold bullion.

Notice the difference in speed between the magnet moving across the silver bar versus the paper booklet.

Magnets –


The Ice Test

Silver is the best conductor of heat so we compared a real silver eagle versus a fake silver eagle by melting a piece of ice on them simultaneously.

Of all the tests we ran, this was probably the least definitive given that the copper in the fake coin is also a good conductor of heat.


Ping Test

A ping test is performed simply by placing a bullion product on the tip of one’s finger and striking it like a tuning fork.

Please Note – 24K gold is too soft to work in a ping test. The shape of a bullion coin, round, or bar will directly affect it’s resonance and ping test ability.


Acid Test

An acid test may help you identify if your bullion is real, just note that fake clad bullion coins will still test positive due to their thin precious metal venires.

Notice how on the fake coin on the left, the acid turns green die to the silver on the outer layer of the counterfeit coin.

Note too that acid tests leave burn marks on bullion items so this method of testing is certainly not for proof coin collectors.


UltraSound & Caliper Test

The same technology used to map ocean floors and help administer prenatal care can also help you determine if your bullion is indeed wholly made of precious metals.

In this test we used a $135 ultrasonic thickness gauge tester which uses the speed of sound through silver to gives us an approximate thickness of the silver bullion bar.

We then used a $17 caliper to measure and cross verify our bullion bar’s thickness.

Ultrasonic Tester –

Caliper –


Specific Gravity Weight Test

Perhaps the best most cost effective testing for bullion products is the specific gravity test. For this test you will need a digital scale, some distilled water, some string and a cup.

First you weigh the item in question.

Then add the cup with water and balance the scale back to zero.

Next fully immerse the item into the water without touching the sides or bottom of the cup, take down the measurement.

Finally divide the dry weight of the item with it’s water weight and you will get the item’s specific gravity.

Silver’s specific gravity is 10.49 Gold’s Specific Gravity is 19.32


Be wary of silver and gold bullion deals too good to be true.

If you do buy bullion through ebay make sure to use protective third party payment systems like Paypal or credit cards.


We suggest buying your bullion from trusted dealers who source their metals direct from the mints.

Make sure your trusted bullion dealer also tests and verifies all the products they may buy and sell from secondary market sources.


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What Does Gold Bullion Look Like

What Does Gold Bullion Look Like, How to Test for Fake Silver & Gold Bullion INFOGRAPHIC by

The Word On Wall Street – Gold Should Be Used As ‘Wealth Protection’

These masters are making fortunes (or they certainly offer the impression they are) however I’m not. There were panic sellers on Wall Street driving the rates lower. These companies typically produce a recognized quantity of gold each year.

How to Test for Fake Silver & Gold Bullion INFOGRAPHIC by, Enjoy popular explained videos related to What Does Gold Bullion Look Like.

Gold – Is It The Just Safe House Financial Investment Left

Historically, when a given currency is devalued, the worth of gold boosts. There are various methods of buying gold. So when gold is at $1300 per ounce, the ETF may be trading for $130 per share.

Commodity ETFs (exchange traded funds) are comprised primarily of things obtained or cultivated from the Earth. These include energies, such as oil and gas, agriculture, that includes crops and livestock, and metals, like silver and gold. Commodity ETFs are also comprised of currency exchange traded funds. An exchange traded fund is comparable to a mutual fund with one major difference being that it is traded on the market like a stock.

The gold exchange traded fund inventory is securely saved by their holders in vaults. The holder that launched the very first Gold ETF is StreetTracks Gold Shares. By the way, they are also the biggest holder of the fund. The corporation holds such a huge quantity of gold that it has recently needed to discover a larger vault in which to store it. Currently StreetTracks Gold Shares shops about 584 lots of gold, with a value of almost 18 billion dollars. When the ETF launched in 2003 they had only 8 tons.

Long term investment or not, your duty is to own a genuine gold from the gold market. The only way for you to have authentic gold is to acquire them from trustworthy gold dealerships. View out for companies that you believe are trustworthy due to the fact that some of these are not. Considering that you are buying gold for Individual Retirement Account, you should check out the site of the company your think is trustworthy and go to their online forum. If it is trustworthy through the feedback of the customers and consumers they had, you will be able to figure out. This is a great source of information if the gold they are selling is 99.9 percent pure.

Like I said, there are several methods to purchase Gold; you can purchase gold coins, you can purchase Gold certificates, you can purchase Gold Mining Stocks, and you can purchase shared funds that invest in almost limitless various blends of each of those approaches.

Still other ETF’s invest in gold mining shares. These will tend to change in a different manner than area gold, given that mining stocks can increase or down depending upon many aspects rather than just the price of gold.

Selecting the ideal investing in gold company – whether you are acquiring a gold bar or investing in an ETF, picking the ideal gold company is important to your overall Gold Investment. This can often make the various in between a sound investment and a bad investment. Naturally, it is not always simple to know up front how well the gold will perform; however, many gold investment companies provide thorough guidance as to what to invest into. Be informed when thinking about buying gold.

A fantastic place to discover the actual going rate of a specific gold coin, and even a location to acquire them is to purchase gold on Ebay. On eBay you can quickly assess the free enterprise worth of a coin you are wanting to invest in. You can see how much it is selling for, and how popular it is by the quantity of bids too. eBay is a great place to purchase gold as all your purchases are backed and insured by Paypal and eBay itself. Although gold rates fluctuate, various coins have varying values depending upon rarity and quality. Do not forget you are not just buying gold, you are also buying a collectible.

As revealed above, it appears that gold is now in need and gold rates are up. Despite this truth, gold supporters argue in favor of gold acquisitions on account of an indicator called the Real Interest Rate which can better render the larger picture of gold investment. Considering the benefits and drawbacks of buying gold, it might be however smart to know that it is best to end up being a gold owner when you require it. And if you require it now there are plenty of arguments to back your option.

Gold is thought about a high-quality investment which will never ever lack worth. As anticipated, the price of gold is substantial and this target is delicate to huge modifications.

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