Metalla Royalty (MTA) – Aggressive, Smart, Precious Metals Dealmaking

Published on December 23, 2021

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Interview with E.B. Tucker, NED of Metalla Royalty and Streaming (TSX-V, NYSE: MTA)


Royalty companies give investors access to the thrills of mining returns with much less of the risk. Metalla Royalty is a smart precious metals royalty and streaming company that acquires royalties with majors for mostly shares. It’s managed to bump its share price up by 700%. Metalla Royalty’s focus is on development-stage precious metals properties, because these properties keep their ounces in the ground, thus maintaining the value of the royalty.

Metalla Royalty is making deals that larger royalty companies can’t seem to pull off, and now the company appears to be reaching its inflection point when its value might be recognised.

We’re fans of this story so far. The plan for the future looks like more of the same, but when the same is leading to so much success, why would investors complain?

What did you make of EB Tucker and Metalla Royalty? Are you a fan of royalty companies as an investment class? Is Metalla Royalty a royalty company that stands out from the crowd? Comment below and we will respond.

00:00 – Introduction
1:43 – “Why Gold, Why Now” Update: Relationship Between Gold and the Dollar
4:20 – Company Overview
6:19 – Foundation of Metalla Royalty: Business Plan and Reasons for Focusing on Precious Metals
8:12 – A Fine Blend of Companies: Is Their Loss of Revenue Linked to the Limited Amount of Producers Held?
9:49 – Agnico Eagle, Barrick Gold, Pan American and Others: How Has Metalla Royalty Been Able to Structure Deals with the Big Names in the Industry?
13:24 – Financing it All
15:45 – Listing in the NYSE: Rollback of Shares and Liquidity Issues
19:26 – Risk Mitigation: Separating Nickel and Copper from Metalla and into Another Company, Considering Jurisdictions and Stages
25:57 – Inflection Point and Timeline for Getting There
29:12 – Impact of Gold Price, Economic Changes and Financings for Exploration on Metalla
32:07 – Why Continue to Pay Dividends Instead of Putting it All Back into the Company?
33:47 – Physical Gold vs Investing in a Royalty Company
35:04 – Gold Royalty vs Lithium-Copper Royalty: Explaining the Logic to Form an Additional Royalty Company

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Gold Mining Stocks vs Physical Gold

Gold Mining Stocks vs Physical Gold, Metalla Royalty (MTA) – Aggressive, Smart, Precious Metals Dealmaking.

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The data strongly implies that readily available stockpiles will not keep rate with need in coming years. Gold Mutual Funds use a large range of mining stocks. Now, there is an art of investing in gold and silver mining stocks.

Metalla Royalty (MTA) – Aggressive, Smart, Precious Metals Dealmaking, Find interesting full length videos related to Gold Mining Stocks vs Physical Gold.

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ETF stands for exchange traded fund. What it does is track the price of gold. I want to be really clear there are excellent times to purchase these however, understand that you are not investing into gold. What you are investing into is a business or company that works with gold. Due to the fact that gold goes up does not mean the Gold ETF will, simply.

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